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Kim Chi Ho

Chiho & Partners


A mini life pursues functional and universal freedom. How much space do we waste in our lives? We may misuse more space than we think. A minimal life aims at maximum value through a minimum amount of space. This exhibition talks about the rights and free ideas that contemporary people ought to enjoy regarding spaces through new spatial concepts optimized for various lifestyles. The greatness of small aesthetics. This shows the smart and beautiful everyday life we should seek in a future that is made possible through small spaces, while continuing to segment and evolve the structure. The exhibition space, which is surrounded by black walls, represents standardized and bloated architecture in city life. A fashion designer’s space given in the smallest unit symbolically means the mini-life of creative people who look for free and diverse lifestyles regardless of the actual size or area of the space, with the infinite repetition of various colors against a segmented window.