Designers’ Choice by Heejin Lee 디자이너스초이스 by 이희진


Designers’ Choice by Heejin Lee

Morphing Cube
Access to your imaginary life!

We are facing an era where our digital existence is as real as our physical presence. Usage, functions and classification of space become irrelevant and are blending together to create variety of opportunities.
Home allows us to accommodate personalized content of our life and experience it in various forms.
The Morphing Cube presents future home as a house unit, one unique product that is constantly transforming through immersive artistic projections.
White environment of a cube as a clean canvas allows us freely exercise imagination and make our dream home come to life.
Coming to the age of free access, where new reality emerges out of blending physical and virtual environments, we can explore generic space as a fantastical place with a unique presence and individuality.