Enclosure by YOUNHYUN

The pandemic associated with COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. In an age where aspects regarding contact and non-contact are being discussed, we deeply contemplate on how we build relationship with other people and at times, with objects or properties.
‘Regarding the daily life that encircles me…’
‘Daily life, an ordinary daily routine that is not special repeats. We live in-between numerous events encompassed in our day, but we do find happiness in something very small that has occurred in our daily life. We create margin in our lives from preparing our morning by making tea and reading books, a cup of coffee, and listening to Na Yoon-Sun’s jazz whilst having a sip of wine.
‘Enclosure’, in architecture, enclosure refers to the sensitivity deriving from feeling surrounded by certain objects or materials. In an age where ‘appropriate’ bonds are necessary…
This exhibition has been initiated in order to deconstruct ‘enclosure’, which is a particular spatial language by providing a narrative on the privacy of individuals and objects.
It would be a significant suggestion for contemporary designers if appropriate ‘enclosure’ on people and objects through distance and density can be provided. Through Art Archive, we are willing to provide a narrative on the density of space, which could be loose, and the relationship with objects that needs to be intimate.